Friday, December 7, 2012

I love you to the moon and back! \m/

Hi,Guys! Good Evening. I just want to share my story to you. It's just that I spend my day with my best friends. So, I just want to let you know how lucky I am to have them in my life. No, I may not be lucky but I'm blessed.

Last 2010, I met these awesome people. They were my schoolmates. I wasn't  at their year level. Actually, I was a year ahead to them. But if you'll ask my age it's just the same as theirs. It's just that I'm accelerated when I was in my Kindergarten years. So yeah. We started to share stories, laugh & cry together. We hanged out and do stuffs that makes each and everyone of us happy and fulfilled. Whenever one of us succeed or maybe failed, we compliment each other. There is no one who will left behind. Each of us has a role in this group. Yeah, sometimes there's some misunderstandings but we wont last a day without fixing it. We are known as the crazy group. I mean, whenever when we are together we laugh and laugh and laugh. There's no drama in this group. I assure you people. That's why I love them.

To Carla, Patricia, Clyden, Majella, Chinatsu, Kristine, Jennyfer and to all the boys,

I love you to the moon and back. You guys mean the world to me. You helped me to be strong and to build the real me. In you guys, I realized that no one can stand alone in this existing world. Thank you! I will forever treasure the moments that we have together. The craziness and stupidity that we do when we are all together. Thank you! I love you FOREVER & ALWAYS.

PS. Photos are arrange in PAST to PRESENT when you start from the bottom. Enjoy and you're all free to laugh. LOL

STA Days =))

Carla's Birthday. We celebrated it at Caribbean.  As far as I remember, we lost our slippers here. I mean, it was stolen so we have to buy another one. We had a lot of funny moments here. Especially when Carla got drunk. WAHAHAHAHA I cant even. Yet, what happens in Caribbean stays in Caribbean. 

Dinner at Carla's Crib. Look at our faces way back before. So JEJE! HAHAHAHAHA

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