Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Paul Salas Adventure ❤

Hello! Last Friday, January 18, 2013, me and my friends went to Ilo-Ilo for Paul Salas' celebrity basketball game. We left the port at 10:45AM then we arrived in Dumagas Port at around 2:30PM. We really had a long trip. I mean, when we get there at the port, we ride on a tricycle, a van, then we transfer to a jeepney, to another jeepney, and to another one. And lastly, we have to ride another tricycle again. So lucky that my mom was living there and we have a house there but it was very far from the city. So yeah. We went to our house to relax first then we ate our lunch at around 4:30PM and left our baggage and went back again to the city. There you go again another trip. We were very tired but we are enjoying. We are already there and there's no turning back now. We directly went to SmallVille21 Hotel where Paul is staying and there we contacted Tito Jim (Paul's dad) that we were there. Then he told us to go upstairs in their room which is 409. But then, the management didn't allow us so Tito Jim and Paul went downstairs and the management let us. We had a very short time because the game will start and we haven't left yet. So we went to University of San Agustin-Gymnasium to watch the game and we had so much fun in there. We saw & talked to Lolo Arthur "Boy" Solinap. He's so jolly. And ofcourse, Paul's team won and Daniel's team also did great. After the game, me and my friends went to SM to have a dinner but when we arrived there they're closing so we just roam around and went back to SmallVille and there we eat. After we eat, we texted Tito Jim again if where are they then he told us that they're at GLounge. It's a freedom place. It's a place where people enjoy their night life. We went there and saw Tito Jim at the terrace and signaling us to go upstairs. We talked to him and said: "KANINA PA KAYO HINIHINTAY NI PAUL. PUMASOK NA KAYO. *smiles*" Awwww that's so good to hear that one. Our entrance is free because Tito said to the counter that we are Paul's friends. When we went inside, we saw Paul enjoying & partying with the ITMs. We were really excited to have a blast. We ordered a pitcher of Blue Margarita and enjoyed dancing on the dance floor. At the middle of the partying, Paul played as the DJ for just a one song. We really had a blast. We went back to the hotel with them and had a very long convo. Sadly, Paul go ahead because he's kinda tipsy and they have to leave at 4AM. He still need to get a sleep. But the ITM's is still with us. Random moments. Then, 2 hours later, they went to sleep already. We waited for Tito Jim, Paul & Daniel to leave and before they left, we had this short convo and took some photos with them. They were hurrying up because Daniel still have a shooting for his teleserye "PRINCESS & I". After that, we went back to our house and we continue our sleep. At around 10:30AM we went home, we arrive here at Bacolod Port at around 2PM. It was a tiring adventure but fun filled experiences. So much had fun! Oh by the way, my parents or nobody in my family knows about this. They dont even know that I went to Ilo-Ilo. Yes, I escaped. But nothing to worry because Im still safe and I was with my mom. before I end this, I would just like to thank my new cuh-razy friends: Patricia Lautrezo, Joy Anne Mendoza, Jenely Juayong, Ross, Ron, Luke and the rest ITMs that we got to meet. See you soon, babes! Iloveyou :* YEAHHH -_____- 
(On our way to Ilo-Ilo.)

(With mah ladies!!! Left to right: Patricia, Joy Ann, Jenely & Me)

(While on our way to SmallVille. Say Hi to Manong driver!! HAHA)

(I always sit at the front. HAHA)

(Place where we stayed over night)

(When we arrive at SmallVille21 Hotel. With Abby (= )
(With my PSTC (Bacolod & Ilo-Ilo Chapter) family!!! Nice meeting y'all!! :**)

(Leaving SmallVille!! On our way to University of San Agustin - Gymnasium for their Celebrity Basketball Game)

(Poster/Banner for their game)

(Paul's "Superman" necklace)

(That guy behind me. Paul Salas promoting the last week of Aryana. Huhu Keep on supporting & watching it guys! )
(With our lolo,  Mr. Arthur "Lolo Boy" Solinap!!!)

(At SM Ilo-Ilo. Poster-trippin' with Paul. lol his face is so young here! OHMY)
(Dinner with my ladies at SmallVille21 compound. Whoooooo wafyu :*)
(Trying to swallow the plastic bottle. There's something on the plastic bottle that's why I did that. And I will not tell why because it's kind inappropriate. lol)

(@GLounge, near SmallVille21 Hotel. Tito Jim invited us to go there and yeah party 'till morning with Paul & the boys! So had much fun. Crazy dance floor as it is. Whooo the best night so far.) 

(We just had a Blue Margarita and there's something on it that I was really amazed. The taste is very different than that I've tasted before. Two thumbs up!)


(With Matsuki. I only know him/her on Twitter but I met her/him there. Nice meeting you! (= )

(With Paul again and again.)

(Oh Paul! You are creeping again. lol)

(GLounge Stamp!!)

(We're wasted!!! HAHAHA Look at that guy in black. I dunno who is he. Maybe a bouncer or a security.  lol We went back at SmallVille around 2:30 AM)

(Tito Jim let us to borrow Paul's jersey so we wore it and took some photos. Oh wait!!  His jersey is very  aromatic. Even though he used it during the bball game, it's still fragrant! Awwww his perfume is Bvlgari.)

(Never mind what I was doing there. Im sorry. Sorry not sorry! HAHAHA) 

(Paul is kinda tipsy and he needs to get some sleep because their flight back to Manila is 4AM. So yeah, Good Night Paul! HAHAHA)

(We stayed outside bcoz we are not yet sleepy and we had the weirdest convo with each other. The boys joined us and they were so talkative. HAHAHAHA So cute. As you can see, we are in a cool down stage. Afterwards, we went inside because it's too cold outside. The air is just so cold. We are freezing. Look at our wasted faces. lol)

We gave it to Paul before going back to MNL =)

The "MAHANGIN SA LABAS" pose. loljk

With the soon-to-be couple!!! Awww me is so jealous but no. Im their sister. So yeahhh

(Last picture together with the guys! Hot & cute guys, right there!!! Whooo Good Night moments <3 )

Hi, Tito Jim! You're so kind. Thanks for everything. Take care & God Bless always! Loveyou :*

(They were hurrying up because thy're already late for their flight back to Manila. Because Daniel Padilla will still have a shooting for his teleserye "Princess& I". These photos taken at around 4AM leaving the SmallVille21. We will miss you,Paully! See you soon. :* :)

(Thanks for everything, Paully! We love you =) :*)

( Hi, Ross! He's very kind and gentle guys! Im telling you. He's really one of a kind. But ooops! He's taken. Not actually taken but somebody is temporarily holding his heart. But I can't spoil it. lol

(He celebrated his 17th birthday here so it was a perfect timing. He celebrated it with us. He's very blessed. Thank you, Ross!)

(Oh, Luke! You really look like my baby, Justin Bieber. Like seriously but I know you hate him. OKAYYYYY )

(Why wont you give me your effin necklace?! Ughhh it's okay. HAHAHAHAHA)
(Everyone, meet Ron. Yes, he is the younger brother of Ross. The Daniel Padilla of Ilo-Ilo. Isn't he the cutest? I so love him to death even though we just met. There's really a spark when we were together. Pshhhh So sad that we will not see each other another. Yes we may, but soon. Awww </3 )

(Ross, what are you doing here?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA poor you, kid)

(We are arguing about a certain topic then suddenly he sang "HINAHANAP-HANAP KITA" to me. Awwww He's the sweetest. Kilig todamax! :))))

(Sorry guys about this. What you see is real. I apologize but I dont want to lie so Ive decidede to post this.) 

 (The "GOOD NIGHT PICTURE" of us. Look who's creeping at the back. lol)

(The smile that they painted on my face after all.)

Forever & Always,
Paula xx