Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's all about Tricia Gosingtian's lookbook =)

Hi!!!! Maybe this will be my last post for the week because starting next week, it's our Midterm Exam. So, I guess I can't make it. But I will leave you something good today. Uhm, I just found Tricia Gosingtian - one of the famous blogger & I'm starting to like her blog. As I look into her blog, I saw her awesome photography & shots. Her beauty is absolutely stunning. It's like a jaw-dropping moment when I saw her blog. I salute her creativity. I wish someday I would be like her. Like, travelling around the world and etc. So, I saw her album which is a lookbook and I want to share it with you guys!!! So, I hope you'll like it. And yes, I give credits to Tricia Gosingtian for these such beautiful photos. *two thumbs up* God Bless xx

What do you think about her hair. For me, it's beyond perfection. I hope I can do this too. =((

 Look at those spiky shoes. <33333

Bad hair day yet she look so stunned.

                        Omgeeee!!! Her hair is so perfect =)))

 Wow!!! The shoes. I just cant even...........

 The Shoes. \\m//

My favorite place. I wanna go NOW. Awwww <//3

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